Women in Economics Day

Women in Economics Day

Malvern College girls in economics

We took our Sixth Form economists to Caius and Gonville College, Cambridge for Women in Economics Day where the focus was the translation of theoretical economics into real-world policy changes. 

The high-profile speakers included Dr Victoria Bateman who is the Director of Studies for Economics at the College, Hannah Peaker, Chief of Staff of the Women’s Equality Party, Melissa Davey, Director of Independent Evaluation at the Bank of England, Dr Carolina Alves a specialist in heterodox economics and economists Shyamoli Patel, and Laura van der Erve.
Dr Victoria Bateman explained feminism in economics, something which we hadn’t even considered before, that was a fascinating concept to explore. Melissa Davey from the Bank of England spoke about the difficulties of managing monetary policy particularly in today’s political climate. Researchers Hannah Peaker and Dr Carolina Alves, spoke to us about their PhD work in Brazil that examined heterodox economics which offers an interesting alternative to mainstream ideas in economics. Hannah Peaker, our PhD researcher, gave a lecture in the afternoon about her experience on the Obama campaign, and her thoughts on how Brexit will affect not only the UK economy but women in particular, as well as the prospects for helping with the problems of the gender pay gap. 

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