The Library

The aim of the library is to provide books, magazines and other resources both to support pupils’ academic studies and to encourage recreational reading.

Opening Times

The library is open throughout the school day and during Hall in the evenings. Books may be borrowed when the librarians are present:

Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 9.00 pm
Saturday 8.30 am – 12.30 pm


The library provides resources to both pupils and staff. It covers the range of curriculum subjects as well as fiction and leisure interests. Resources include:

Books - We have approximately 23,500 books. Most of these are available for loan except those which are marked “Reference”.

Newspapers and magazines - We take five daily and six weekly English newspapers. We also subscribe to German and Chinese newspapers, and over fifty magazines (including French, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian editions).

Computers - There are six computers in the Lower Grundy and twenty laptops available for use in the Upper Grundy. All are connected to the school network and the internet, and to the printers.

DVDs - There is a growing collection of DVDs available for short term loan.

Using the library

We would very much like to welcome pupils to the library and aim to make it a pleasant and stimulating environment. The bean-bags and easy chairs in the Gaunt Centre and Lower Grundy make them comfortable areas to relax. The layout of the Upper Grundy is more formal and suitable for intensive study. We ask that you respect the needs of other library users and remember that the library is a place for quiet study and reading.

During the first few days at school pupils will be given an introduction to the library and its services. Further guidance is given throughout their school career during library-based departmental and tutorial activities.