Sixth Form

Malvern College offers both A levels and the International Baccalaureate (IB) in the Sixth Form. There is a near equal split between the number of Sixth Form pupils studying for A level and the IB ensuring a real choice within each course of study.

Pupils at Malvern College choosing A Levels will study three subjects throughout their two years in the Sixth Form, with all public examinations being taken at the end of the two year linear A Level course. In addition, most will choose an enrichment course such as the Extended Project Qualification or a language acquisition course.

All Sixth Form pupils are able to enjoy and embrace the traditions and community-based environment provided by a British public school, including commitment to team sports and opportunities provided by activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Combined Cadet Force (CCF).

Whichever educational course pupils choose to pursue, in the Sixth Form they are given the opportunity to take on responsibility and leadership roles and to choose the areas of school life to where they feel most able to contribute and from which they will benefit. Pupils are carefully supported by Housemasters and Housemistresses, subject teachers and, critically, the pupil's academic and pastoral tutor. Malvern pupils are able to choose their tutor from amongst the teaching staff early in the Sixth Form, giving them an ideal opportunity to be tutored by a member of staff with whom they get on well and who will often specialise in an area that a pupil wishes to pursue after leaving Malvern.

David Reid, Head of Sixth Form

A level and International Baccalaureate

Malvern College offers pupils entering the Sixth Form an exceptional degree of choice, providing an extensive range of subjects at bothA leveland in theInternational Baccalaureate. At Malvern, we have been running both Sixth Form programmes of study for over 25 years, providing pupils with unrivalled professional expertise and experience.



A level or IB ?

Given the choice available to pupils in the Lower School and to new pupils entering the school in the Sixth Form, Malvern provides a great deal of guidance in helping pupils to choose which course would be best for them. Individual tutors, the Head of Sixth Form, subject teachers and those members of staff responsible for university admissions are all able to provide advice as to what subjects would be most suitable for a particular pupil.

It is not possible to generalise about whether a pupil should study A levels or the IB. However, some general guidelines are set out below:

  • A levels enable early specialisation which may suit some pupils wishing to apply for university courses in, for example, engineering or medicine (it should be stressed that the IB provides an equally good, although broader, route into these two areas) 
  • Although all major university systems recognise and support both A levels and the IB, those pupils wishing to study in the US will find that the breadth provided by the IB is particularly well suited to the US ‘liberal arts’ approach to university education.
  • The requirements of IB that a pupil must study Mathematics and an additional language other then their mother tongue may put some pupils off, but both Spanish and Italian are taught in the IB at Malvern assuming no prior knowledge at all (on an ab initio basis). 

Malvern College Briefing for Lower Sixth Parents

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