Scholarships and Bursaries

Malvern College offers a wide range of 13+ Scholarships and Exhibitions in the following categories: Academic, Art, Drama, Design and Technology, Music and Sport.

The levels of award are based on performance, potential and merit up to a maximum of 50% of the termly boarding/day fees (although this upper level is rarely awarded). Candidates may apply for more than one award and must be registered with the school prior to entering the scholarship process.

In addition, there are specific cricket scholarships: the George Chesterton Award for boys and the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Award for girls.

16+ Scholarships

The school also offers three Sixth Form academic scholarships: The Alan Duff Scholarship (awarded to a pupil of exceptional all-round academic ability), The Francis Aston Scholarship (awarded for Science) and The Malvernian Society Scholarship (awarded to external candidates entering the Sixth Form from the maintained sector). The Bathurst Hockey Scholarship is awarded annually to a girl that has proven ability and potential in hockey and there is also the Richard Nieper Art Award offered every year to an aspiring artist entering the Sixth Form.

Sixth Form Academic Scholarships

Format of the Scholarship Assessment Day Tuesday 19th November.

The day will consist of a number of general and academic interviews. This year candidates will be asked to take CAT4, and so these will need to booked. They will also be asked to take two written examination papers, each of which is one hour in duration. One is a general academic paper and the other will be set in an academic subject chosen by the candidate from the subjects that he or she intends staying at A Level or IB Higher Level. Candidates are also required to provide a Personal Statement.

Please further details about 16+ award.

Our 13+ Scholarships (information and forms)

        A limited number of means-tested bursaries are available to families in need of additional financial support and may, if required, supplement scholarships. There is no fixed rate and awards are based entirely on individual family circumstances and the limit of funds available. The Malvernian Society Assisted Places Scheme is available to help a limited number of pupils each year.

        Forces Discounts

        The school has strong links with the Armed Forces and generous rank-ranged fee remissions are available to all serving personnel.

        Please contact the Admissions Officefor further details.