RAF Brize Norton

RAF Brize Norton

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On the 17th of October, the Malvern College CCF/RAF visited Brize Norton in the Cotswolds where the day began with a careers talk that highlighted the many opportunities offered by RAF for school leavers.  Opportunities exist at all levels of entry with university courses, at the top level, funded by the RAF.

With a chance to explore the base we quickly formed ourselves up to look at the different sections and, safe to say, a most popular visit was the one we paid to the fan descender used by the parachute training squadron (PTI’s) when training new recruits. It was a bit unnerving to stand three stories up on a high platform and look down upon your fellow cadets, but we loved it and were then fuelled with a new rush of adrenaline to continue with our tour of the base. 
We received a talk from a technician who worked as part of the 47 squadron. He was changing the filters on a C130 Hercules when we arrived but took time to talk to us about his work and gave us a tour of his plane and the cockpit.  During his talk we became aware of a taxiing sound coming from the runway. We rushed to catch a glimpse of the C17 Globemaster taking off and, to our surprise, spotted that the back of the aircraft was completely open. We all then waved to the two passengers calmly taking a ride in the back, their legs dangling over the edge, and the sight left many cadets wondering if there wasn’t a more convenient way to travel. 
Overall, this had been a fantastic first-hand experience for us of the workings of the RAF and we had all thoroughly enjoyed the day out with our fellow cadets.
Cpl. Evyanne Ewusie and Cpl. Kelsey Richmond

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