Marshall Essay competition

Marshall Essay competition

Hanna Marshall Society

The Marshall Society, founded by the Economics faculty at the University of Cambridge, was established in 1927 as a tribute to Alfred Marshall (1842-1924), one of the most influential economists of his time. The Society enables and furthers discussion, encouraging new ideas. Annually it holds an essay writing prize.

Our congratulations therefore go to Hanna Gesang who was shortlisted in the competition from the top 25 entries across the UK.  Her essay entitled, ‘To what extent is it in the United States’ interest to initiate a trade war with China?’, was one of the most robust, challenging and well written essays we have seen by a Malvern pupil in recent years. Other schools also mentioned in the shortlisting were: King’s College School, Wimbledon, Westminster, Eton, Dulwich College, Abingdon School, Kristin School and Harrow.

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