Lucrecian Society lecture

Lucrecian Society lecture

On Friday 7th September, Malvern College was very pleased to host Old Malvernian, Tom Bragg, for the first Lucretian Society lecture of the year.

Tom is the Consultant Plastic and Sarcoma Surgeon at Morriston Hospital and he talked to us about the amazing work that is being carried out in the world of plastic surgery. 
Patients who have had tumours removed, such as in breast cancer, have long been left with permanent disfigurement but with modern medical techniques Tom and teams like his are able to perform reconstructive surgery that leaves the patient looking almost as good as new.
The ground-breaking work that plastic surgery teams have been doing with 3D printers amazed the audience.  Tom described how a man with cancer in his rib cartilage had to have his rib removed. The solution, until now, would have been to replace the rib with a cement prosthetic rib but instead, teams are able to use 3D printers to produce a tailormade titanium replacement. The result of this use of advanced technology is that with a  perfect match, surgery time is reduced by two hours and the patient able to return home from hospital much sooner. 
At the end of the talk the appreciative audience gave their thanks in the usual way. Many thanks to Tom for a wonderful talk; we look forward to welcoming him back again in the near future to hear more about the most recent developments in this field of medicine.
Andrew Merrick, Head of Biology

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