Lost Civilisations

Lost Civilisations

Lecture by Ani King (pupil in the Hundred)

What if there was evidence of a civilisation that pre-dates Ancient Egypt by 6000 years? This was the start of Ani King’s presentation for the Aston Society on Tuesday evening, where she explored the evidence for these ancient civilisations and how they disappeared.
The Aston Society is Malvern’s Academic Society for the Lower School and offers pupils opportunities to present on areas of interest for them, expanding their own knowledge and research skills and sharing their findings with their peers. 
Ani’s presentation, our first this year, covered a wide range of different aspects of the culture of Gobekli Tepe including pointing out some interesting links between the myths and iconographies of their society with those of other ancient cultures. Ani explored the theories that might explain the decline of these ancient civilisations including meteor strikes, global cooling and enormous post-glacial flood events.
Ani also discussed Gunung Padang in Indonesia, another civilisation that has recently changed the received understanding of the world’s oldest civilisations.
Ani explained how these recent discoveries contest our understanding of human history and may even offer some possible explanations for the story of Atlantis.

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