Life, the universe and everything!

Life, the universe and everything!

TOK Lecture Malvern College

The Lower and Upper Sixth IB cohorts were off-timetable on Monday 24th September to attend a pair of intense 2.5-hr lectures in which speaker Andy Fletcher blew their minds about ‘Life, The Universe and Everything’.

The lecturer presented Theory of Knowledge implications in the Natural Sciences on such extraordinary, bewildering but intensely stimulating topics as Chaos and Complexity, and Relativity and Quantum Theory.  Andy Fletcher proved to be a gifted and engaging speaker who succeeded in introducing the discoveries of seemingly-contradictory new knowledge in these fields of study in ways which helped us relate the paradigms and begin to understand the implications for our knowledge of time, space, and complex and dynamic systems.
Malvern College was pleased to welcome a party of IB students and their teachers from Cheltenham Ladies College and from St Benedict’s school, Alcester.

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