Duke of Edinburgh

What is DofE?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a challenging programme of activities designed for young people aged between 14 and 25. It has three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold and, whatever level participants are working for, they have to complete activities in four sections (with an additional one at Gold). The higher the level, the more time and effort are required. That is why gaining a Gold Award is a huge achievement of which the pupils can justly be very proud.

Sections that pupils need to complete


For this section, participants have the chance to make a difference by helping someone, the school, the wider community, the environment or an organisation. From recycling to running a charity event, there are a wide range of opportunities within the College and the local community to do your bit.


Participants can choose any sport, dance or fitness activity to have a go at. It doesn’t matter whether they play rugby for the school, enjoy a walk in the hills or are keen to find out more about mountain-boarding; if participants can find an assessor and a venue, they can give it a go!


Whether they’ve been playing the cello since they were six or fancy learning to cook more than beans on toast, this is where participants can either develop an existing interest or explore an entirely new one. The sky really is the limit when it comes to this section. Have a look at some of the suggestions at:


The section that really stands out for most DofE participants. Little can equal the challenge of the team-building, walking, horse riding, sailing, navigating and camping that this section offers you, and little can equal the tremendous sense of achievement completing it successfully brings. The College focuses on walking expeditions but if a pupil can gather enough like-minded friends, expeditions can be completed by canoe or cycling.


This one is for Gold participants only. With possible activities ranging from a week spent dry stone walling in Wales to sailing tall ships, this is really the opportunity to branch out and try something completely new – away from school, away from home, living and working with a group of like-minded people. But be warned – it’s essential to check with the DofE staff that your choice is acceptable before signing on the dotted line!

How does it all work at Malvern College?

All pupils are encouraged to ​enrol at Bronze level in the Remove and should be able to complete their programme over the course of the year. We then suggest that pupils focus on their academic studies in the Hundred before enrolling at Gold level in the Sixth Form. Because pupils will be direct entrants at the Gold level, they need to be prepared for the fact that their programme will take eighteen months – meaning that it can comfortably be completed over the course of their time in the Sixth Form.

Throughout their time doing their DofE, the pupils are supported and guided by staff. Expedition training forms a core part of the participants’ co-curricular activities in the Remove and the Sixth Form, and pupils complete their practice and qualifying expeditions with us. We are also on hand to advise pupils about their choices for the other sections and encourage them to finish their programme and achieve their Award.