Charity and the Community

The School Council, under the direction of Adam Hutsby (Deputy Head of the Sixth Form & Economics Teacher), comprises 15 elected members from the Upper Sixth who are responsible for fundraising for charity within the College. The charities the College pupils support are many and varied but there are several with whom the school has long-standing relationships like COCO (Comrades of Children Overseas), Hospice Care Kenya, and FOAG (Farmers Overseas Action Group), whom we regularly support when we can.

COCO is committed to relieving the suffering and distress of children throughout the world in areas of extreme poverty, natural disaster or war. Through a former colleague, Gwyn Sloan, the College has a history of supporting Hospice Care Kenya, a registered UK charity helping to bring compassion, care and support to children and adults living and dying with a terminal illness in Kenya. The charity was founded in 1991 to support the newly-opened Nairobi Hospice, the first palliative care hospice in Kenya. Today there are over 70 hospices and palliative care units across Kenya. Over the past 20 years we have donated over £30,000 to this very worthy cause.

So far this term the School Council have donated:

£2000 to St. Richards Hospice
£2000 to Acorns Hospice
£2000 to Medical Detection Dogs
£3000 to Cancer Research UK
£2000 to British Heart Foundation
£3000 for Alzheimers Society
£800 to Young Minds (Mental Health)
£750 to Monty Lampard (OM, SH 2013-2018) for his work with Voluntary Service Overseas in Bangladesh
£750 to Oscar Foundation
£480  to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute

FOAG helps improve the social and economic development of Uganda’s rural communities. The donation the College made last year went towards paying for a second-hand ambulance to help improve medical care.

The School Council is responsible for deciding which charities to support and for deciding what level of support the school can offer. Each year the School Council receives many requests from local, national and international charities, as well as from Old Malvernians undertaking charity work. One such request, which was subsequently supported by the school, was from Old Malvernian Tom Bromwich who is involved with the Get-A-Head charity working on pioneering cancer research at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. More recently, from the funds raised throughout 2015, we supported Cancer Research UK, Myeloma UK, Alzheimer’s Society and various Red Cross Appeals.

The School Council organises a number of charitable events throughout the academic year including an annual CVS Ball for the Sixth Form, and an annual Spring Ball for the Lower School. Funds are also raised by holding non-uniform days and we recently raised £800 for the Red Cross Appeal to help those caught up in Hurricane Maria. The Council sells a range of seasonal products including candy canes at Christmas and Valentine carnations. Last academic year (2016-2017), the demand for candy canes broke all records with a total of over 4000 distributed to Houses, whilst a further 2000 Valentine Carnations suggested that old adage “romance is dead” is not the case here at Malvern!

Some of our pupils choose to volunteer each week to help in the day-to-day running of local charity shops. Recently, pupils have helped at Sue Ryder Care, the Barnards Green Toy Library and the Daisychain charities. Their contribution is greatly appreciated by the permanent staff who feel that the pupils have shown maturity and demonstrated a dedicated work ethic that the school can be proud of. Our pupils find their time working at the charity shops really rewarding; it provides them with a new perspective and they enjoy helping to raise money for the charity.