The Chapel stands physically and spiritually at the heart of the College. As a Church of England foundation with the Bishop of Worcester as its President of Council Visitor the College worship is Anglican in style and inclusive by nature. Weekday Chapel and the Sunday services of Holy Communion or Morning/Evening Prayer aim to be accessible to all. Spiritual and moral contemporary issues are addressed. Pupils are required to attend Chapel and many choose to take an active role in presenting talks, music or drama. On certain days, notably Remembrance Sunday and Commemoration, the whole College community is expected to be present.

The Crypt Chapel which lies beneath the main Chapel is open daily as a space which any member of the community may use for quiet prayer or meditation.

The resident Chaplain, is here to offer help, advice and counsel for pupils and staff: he is responsible for the spiritual support and nurture of the whole Malvern family. Each year pupils are prepared for Confirmation. Baptisms are also conducted for members of the community.

The Chapel has connections with the Philosophy and Religious Studies department: but the focus of teaching is on religious studies as distinct from religious education or instruction: a variety of beliefs and practices is encountered. The department teaches in an objective, non-confessional way towards public examinations which do not take formal account of personal faith.