Art Focus: Georgie Inchbald GCSE Coursework 2018

Art Focus: Georgie Inchbald GCSE Coursework 2018

Joints in Wings

Georgie Inchbald chose to study wings as part of her GCSE exam project in June 2018. She is now studying Visual Arts as part of her IB course in the Lower Sixth.

My project, titled ‘Joints in Wings’ was inspired by the quote, “Hope is a thing with feathers” by Emily Dickinson. 
I was interested in the concept of wings and flight and already had interest in what dragon wings might look like. I started my project by looking at the symbolisation of feathers and what different birds have come to represent. I broadened my research to look at the comparison between birds’ wings and human arms, looking at the joints and similarities. I used this to create a set of simplified mechanical wings out of MDF, willow and tissue paper. These wings were inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelle Reader.
Later I explored Kate McGwire’s work with feathers and was intrigued by the idea of feathers creating protection or restriction, a contradiction since feathers traditionally stand for freedom and limitlessness. This led me to make casts of hands encased in feathers further exploring the ideas of protection and restriction.
Georgina Inchbald, Lower Sixth 

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