Art Focus: Ava Emery GCSE Coursework 2018

Art Focus: Ava Emery GCSE Coursework 2018

Ava Emery







Ava Emery is now studying Photography A level in the Lower Sixth. She is a dedicated photographer with a natural eye. It will be interesting to see how she develops as a photographer following her excellent result in GCSE Photography this summer.

These images are from my GCSE coursework project in which I looked at animals in captivity and compared them to those in the wild.

Ava Emery.

Ava has interesting and thought-provoking ideas, and she is keen and able to think outside the box. She brings her ideas into form through sustained research and investigation.

Ava has a passion for animals, and her GCSE coursework was originally inspired by photographer Britta Jaschinski, who creates dramatic, provocative images of animals in zoos. Her work is in black and white, and high contrast. Ava has created some dramatic images in a similar style.

Her project explored the moral issues around animals being kept in zoos, as opposed to living free in the wild.

Rachel Bridgen, teacher i/c Photography

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