Anna Freud Conference

Anna Freud Conference

Anna Freud

On Friday 21st September we welcomed staff and pupils from eight state secondary schools and six independent senior schools at the fourth Malvern College Pastoral Conference on Mental Health.  It is a privilege to be working closely with the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families whose representative delivered a thought-provoking key-note lecture at the conference where we investigated the issue of maintaining strong individual Mental Health and examined whether or not this can be taught in schools. 

Lewis Faulkner, the Deputy Head: Pastoral at Malvern spoke about all the initiatives in pastoral care and mental health that have been established over the last year here at Malvern.  He was joined by our recently formed ‘Pupil Thrive’ team who spoke to the delegates so responsibly about their contribution to pastoral care within the pupil body. 
In the afternoon the Anna Freud team ran workshops with the pupils and staff, investigating ways in which schools can help pupils build self-esteem and improve pupils’ mental health. It was a fascinating afternoon and proved an ideal way to share good practice between schools.
The pupils from Malvern have subsequently raised £500 for the AFNCCF charity on their ‘Home Clothes Day’ just before the Leave-out weekend.  Other fundraising events have been planned for the future to support this important charity and the work it does. We are very pleased at the prospect of strengthening our association with the AFNCCF and building upon the work we do here to promote strong mental health in our school.

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