While maintaining valued traditions the College has always been at the forefront of educational development. We were one of the first schools to have a language laboratory, we pioneered the world-renowned Nuffield Science programme and in 1992 we maintained our innovative approach by introducing the International Baccalaureate (IB) and quickly established ourselves as one of the leading IB schools in the world. For over the last two decades we have offered both A levels and the IB and currently our Sixth Form pupils are evenly divided between the two.

Our highly qualified academic staff encourage a scholarly approach in our pupils and look to nurture in them the habits and skills of independent learning which will equip them not only for success at school but also at university and in their future careers. We are committed to providing academic support and stretch to all our pupils, across the ability range, within the curriculum and through enrichment programmes and an extensive range of academic clubs and societies. The return is a splendid set of examination results and admission to the most highly regarded universities both in the UK and internationally. A personal tutor or mentor guides our pupils in their choice of university and course; professional career guidance is also provided.

Malvern is an all-round school in the truest sense. Some pupils join us from a very strong academic position and will fly through the College achieving top grades seemingly effortlessly, others have been selected for their wide range of strengths and may find the academic rigours of their GCSE, IGCSE, IB or A level courses more challenging. Whatever their starting point, there are systems in place to support, stretch and challenge pupils who flourish here and more frequently exceed than meet their own expectations – whether that be in their academic results or in their contribution to other aspects of life at Malvern, such as sport, drama or music. For the academic high flyer this may be in the form of our “gifted and talented” programme. For others, it may be through extra tuition or regular Learning Enhancement sessions.

Whatever their starting point successful Malvernians have, and always will be, defined by a range of personal qualities that underpin their successes and their value to others. These are a clearly outlined set of ‘qualities’ that are at the foundation of everything we do at Malvern and all pupils are encouraged to reflect on how they apply them during their time at the College.

Ultimately, most pupils achieve a splendid set of examination results and admission to the most highly regarded universities both in the UK and internationally.

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