A tour of the Solar System

A tour of the Solar System

Roland Young

Last Friday evening, we were treated to a tour of the Solar System in a lecture given by OM Dr. Roland Young (SH,1996-2001) of the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique at Sorbonne Université, Paris.

From the rocky world of Neptune to the splendour of Saturn's rings, our pupils were given a wonderful insight into how we study the planets of the solar system. In particular, Dr. Young talked to us about his involvement with the Juno spacecraft on its mission to study the composition of the planet. We were pleased to learn that many of the concepts we study are used in the investigation including the absorption spectra of gases, the emission of electromagnetic radiation by a blackbody and the gravitational field strength experienced by the satellite in its orbit. To illustrate his talk Dr. Young showed us many fascinating photos of both Jupiter and Saturn, in particular the storm on the North Pole of Saturn measuring 2,000km in diameter. He discussed with us various efforts to model the features of the planets using both computational and experimental methods which was fascinating.
We were thrilled to welcome Roland back and to hear from him about the work being done to investigate the solar system. We look forward to keeping in touch so that we can hear, first-hand, about planned future satellite missions!
Michel Hnatek, Head of Physics

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